Data shows that an average person spends about 1.5 hours a day behind the car wheel.
That accounts to about 5 years of driving in a lifetime! Goluk’s goal is to make sure
that during those five years you feel confident and safe.


Seeking to create a highly functional car DVR, Goluk pioneered a way to connect the dashboard
camera directly to your phone. The concept immediately went viral among our users
who were inspired by the new practical and fun way of using their dashcam.
Goluk’s T1 design is inspired by simplicity, mobility and flexibility.


Goluk was born as a new generation dashboard camera combining cutting edge technology and elegant design.
But after the product launch it became apparent to us that our technology is more meaningful
as a way for people to connect. Our users have built the largest UGC video community
in the car field sharing videos of their daily commutes and beautiful moments of their lives.


Established in 2014, Goluk brings a new cool edge to your old-school car DVRs.

Apart from having compact light-weight design, Goluk allows you to instantly share whatever

you’ve captured on your way to your office or a weekend adventure to your favorite social media platforms.

Our mission is to help build a strong community of mindful drivers. We believe nothing is impossible.

Let's drive safer together!

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Check out videos from our users,

CAUTION: vdieo quality might blow you away!



Goluk has been working with several leaders

in automotive industry to make drving safer and more fun



Guess what, this is the first camera I have finally actually permanently mounted to my car. I love it that much. This thing was just cool from the second I opened the box.
Dan Lebryk
It is nice looking and well-functioning, and can be served as action camera with the purchase of proprietary GoLuk mount with battery.
Amazon Customer
The social sharing feature of the app is what makes this unique to the other dashcams. Using the separate remote control button lets you trigger the dashcam to record a 12 second clip and a single still shot. This is stored on your smartphone and can easily be shared to various social media sites.
M. Erb
It is nice looking and well-functioning, and can be served as action camera with the purchase of proprietary GoLuk mount with battery.
Amazon Customer


Qian Jin

Jin is not a newbie in the start-up business. A Tsinghua graduate, he has worked at Ericson
for 12 years on 3 different continents. He came back to China in 2003 and launched 2 start-up
companies. With Goluk being his third baby, Jin envisions the company to bring safety, convenience
and fun to your travel so you never miss a moment!

Jammit Lee

General Manager
Our brilliant GM with over 10 years of experience in his field. He previously
worked at China’s famous digital distribution channel, Double Win, as a marketing director
organizing events for luxury brands like Chanel and BMW. He thinks Goluk is a good platform
for further development as he never misses a good challenge!

Wang Ziyi

Product Director
One of Goluk’s early pioneers. Before joining the team, he worked as an editor and photographer in automotive industry, he knows how
to get every shot right! His rich experience in radio and GPS
navigation has given him a unique insight into car owners’ needs.
Working with Goluk allows him to realize his aspirations for better
driving experience.

Daniel Guo

Product Manager
Having rich experience in pre-sales engineering and hardware development, Daniel is responsible for Goluk’s technology, user experience and business operations. He joined Goluk 2 years ago because the company cares about creativity and individuality. Daniel loves life and has a lot of inspiration, which he can apply at Goluk.

Wang Tao

Technical Director
Having over 10 years of experience at world’s leading mobile phone companies like Lenovo and Motorola, Tao has a profound knowledge of cutting-edge mobile technology. Here at Goluk, he is making sure our hardware is on point.

Zhou Jingjin

Testing Manager
Before coming to Goluk, Jingjin was responsible for mobile phone
testing at Nokia. He’s excellent at continuous integration, software
configuration management and automatic testing. Together with
his technical skills, Jingjin brings his experience of working for an
international enterprise to our team.