Goluk T3

Smart button,
instant video recording

  • Tap the MagicKey remote controller to quickly grab
    a 12-second video (6 seconds before + 6 seconds after)
  • Share videos to Facebook,Twitter or other social media

Parking security

24/7 housekeeper - style security

After the vehicle's ignition is off,
the Goluk T3 will switch to parking security mode.
If motion near your car is detected,
T3 will lock 16s video to your SD card.
Hard wire your T3 to activate parked vehicle monitoring.

HD Night Vision

WDR allows quick adjustment to changing light patterns
Better depth of field makes use of greater amount of light
License plate number recognition technology allows
capturing every detail

Panasonic low-light image sensor

  • GOLUK T3 Nature Elements uses back-illuminated
    image sensing technology achieving 2.1 million pixel
    static image capture
  • Vibrant video colors, automatic white balance

APP Community Square,
share and watch videos

Highlight your personality with fast audio & video clips
Goluk T3 won't use your mobile data since it transmits
videos via its own integrated WiFi